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#Occupy Tetrad: The Tent

The tent is one of the emerging symbols of the Occupy movement and for good reason. It’s the semi-permanent structure of the tent that symbolizes the greatest threat to figures of institutional authority. The notion that someone has claimed a … Continue reading

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Bad on TV, Part 2: The ‘Oops’ Edition

If my last post wasn’t clear enough, the chattering class’ obituary of Rick Perry’s presidential run puts it to bed: If it had been you or I, funny moment. Brain…freeze. For a politician on television, doom. The gaffe is the … Continue reading

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Bad on TV: The Original Sin of Politics

Anyone who’s either taken an introductory course in media and communication studies, or who lived through the event, will recognize the significance of the Nixon-Kennedy debates as a seminal moment in television and political history. Kennedy looked fresh, young, tan, … Continue reading

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