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Parking and Japanese Time

Since I moved to Japan 8 years ago, several things have continued to elude me in terms of my own cultural behaviors and successful integration. One of those things is parking. “Parking,” you say? Yes, parking. It’s a seemingly innocuous … Continue reading

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Speaker (Pelosi) Amplification

Rachel Maddow had a rather lengthy and in depth interview with House Democratic Majority Leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi during her last program. Maddow asked Representative Pelosi about the changes she’s seen in her 25 year tenure in Congress, … Continue reading

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Re-Markable Brussels

A transcript of my remarks at the McLuhan Centennial Conference in Brussels, based on my paper Total Involvement: Channeling Education through McLuhan: Good afternoon. I’m very pleased and honored to be here with you all to celebrate and pay respect … Continue reading

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Technics and #Occupations

I’ve been quite active in my conversation, sharing, and communication about the Occupy Wall Street movement and its counterparts around the world. As yet, I haven’t really given attention to them here, although I’ve wanted to. It was a difficult … Continue reading

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Meaty-a Ecology

As part of my university’s Fall festival, I’ve been asked to give comments on several student speeches about McDonald’s in their home countries. I gave fair warning to the organizers that I have little (nothing?) good to say about McDonald’s … Continue reading

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Hardening of the Categories

One way we might examine the dynamic and complex environments around us is by breaking those environments down as systems and subsystems. Much can be revealed about the structures that constitute our environments, their interplay with other structures, and the … Continue reading

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On Bugs, Bytes and Books

Recently, some friends offered a gift to my children. A male rhinoceros beetle. In Japan, these bulgy-looking, tusked beasts are often the favorite pets of young kids during the summer months and can be readily caught in the wild, if … Continue reading

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