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#Occupy Tetrad: The Tent

The tent is one of the emerging symbols of the Occupy movement and for good reason. It’s the semi-permanent structure of the tent that symbolizes the greatest threat to figures of institutional authority. The notion that someone has claimed a … Continue reading

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Welcome MEA Voters!

Hello to the membership of the Media Ecology Association. You may be finding this blog via my candidate profile at the MEA website and, if so, thank you for following the URL. I hope you will take a moment or … Continue reading

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Neil Postman – ‘The TV Guy’

Let me be blunt. Neil Postman is the reason I chose the path I’ve taken in my post-20s life. Period. At a point in my life when I was most deeply questioning my career in marketing and promotions, when I … Continue reading

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Remediated Dancehall

When I was a masters student at Fordham University, Professor Lance Strate assigned a book called “Remediation: Understanding New Media” by Jay David Bolter of Georgia Tech and Richard Grusin of Wayne State. The book was honored twice by the Media … Continue reading

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