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Parking and Japanese Time

Since I moved to Japan 8 years ago, several things have continued to elude me in terms of my own cultural behaviors and successful integration. One of those things is parking. “Parking,” you say? Yes, parking. It’s a seemingly innocuous … Continue reading

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Hair, Glorious Hair

Came across this ad in a newspaper last week and thought it was great for a number of reasons: You don’t need to understand the Japanese in order to appreciate the message, so I’m not even going to deal with … Continue reading

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Bad on TV, Part 2: The ‘Oops’ Edition

If my last post wasn’t clear enough, the chattering class’ obituary of Rick Perry’s presidential run puts it to bed: If it had been you or I, funny moment. Brain…freeze. For a politician on television, doom. The gaffe is the … Continue reading

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Ouch! My Acoustic Space Hurts!

As I sit in my hotel room in Brussels, slightly jet-lagged and counting the hours until I present my paper Total Involvement: Channeling Education through McLuhan at the McLuhan’s Philosophy of Media Centennial Conference (hosted by the Free University of … Continue reading

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A Change Gonna Come

With apologies to Sam Cooke and the haunting song he wrote about the struggle for civil rights, a change gonna come. Let’s start with a video that’s gone viral in the last day or so (another sign that the change … Continue reading

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Plato and the Allegory of Lums

Occasionally, something odd and seemingly disconnected pops into my head, as I’m hoping happens with you too. If not, call an ambulance and get me a straight jacket. I think I might want to pop these seemingly random (but probably … Continue reading

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