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Medeta ga no yohoi

For the last several months NHK has been airing one of its very popular “asadora” telenovelas, called Massan. The drama is set in Japan’s Taisho period (1912 – 1926), a time when Japan was adjusting to a newly opened society, … Continue reading

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No really, the map is not the territory, people.

Disputes between nations over territory is nothing new. It’s the stuff of ancient wars, tribal conflicts, and modern diplomatic headaches. Kashmir is a high profile example, as is the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea, to say nothing of Israel/Palestine. Part … Continue reading

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Parking and Japanese Time

Since I moved to Japan 8 years ago, several things have continued to elude me in terms of my own cultural behaviors and successful integration. One of those things is parking. “Parking,” you say? Yes, parking. It’s a seemingly innocuous … Continue reading

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Achieve, Eggplant! (A Message from Edo Period, Japan)

The things you learn at your breakfast table. My wife was looking at our desktop calendar and pointed out to me that the traditional pattern adorning the top border of September was an Edo Period (1603 – 1863) eggplant motif … Continue reading

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Sucking the Air out of Public Places

Look at this photograph I took at my local airport’s gate area: What is it exactly that has these folks collectively transfixed? *** *** *** *** *** Ah, yes. Television. In this particular case, the travelers were entranced by the … Continue reading

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Dersu Uzala: Kurosawa’s Media Ecology

I alluded to Kurosawa’s Russian language film, Dersu Uzala, in my last post and thought it would be interesting to write a follow up on the director’s technological statement by highlighting the important contrast present in what may be his … Continue reading

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Village of the Watermills: Kurosawa’s Media Ecology

Akira Kurosawa is one of the most celebrated film directors of the 20th century, mainly for his ability to translate Japanese sensibilities to the international language of the medium. In Japan, there has always been a mix of celebration and … Continue reading

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