Bad on TV, Part 2: The ‘Oops’ Edition

If my last post wasn’t clear enough, the chattering class’ obituary of Rick Perry’s presidential run puts it to bed:

If it had been you or I, funny moment. Brain…freeze. For a politician on television, doom. The gaffe is the single biggest determiner of early presidential momentum, and it’s almost as if the institutional and grassroots media alike have a running counter on gaffes as a matter of utmost importance. Gaffes are funny, sometimes they reinforce an existing meme about a candidate, and generally they are meaningless, throwaway moments that are magnified and entered into the mythological quilt we’re weaving about our perfect, sculpted out of marble leaders. They’re not allowed to be human, let alone flub something on TV, the altar to the high priest of American culture.

Perry is a dimwit, but this isn’t the definitive proof of it. The entire body of work that he’s produced is the real damning aspect of his candidacy, but TV does it again. It’s more and more of a miracle to me that Bush was ever elected, let alone twice. Funny.

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