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Reading is Such a Bohr

[Niehls Bohr] meant to teach us, as have other wise people, that it is better to have access to more than one profound truth. To be able to hold comfortably in one’s mind the validity and usefulness of two contradictory … Continue reading

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Facebookus Interruptis

With a hat tip to my friend Alix Howard, news that a hostage taker in Pittsburgh has been “live-blogging” his own evolving situation has crossed my desk. My first thought was that we’re seeing a 2012 version of Dog Day … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry It’s Just Like the Internet

Some time ago I posted a video of Neil Postman talking in 1985 on PBS about his thesis for the book Amusing Ourselves to Death. In the course of his discussion, Postman notes that USA Today, the nation’s most successful … Continue reading

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In the mid-17th century, a series of treaties were signed in Europe to end a raging era of internal conflict that included the Holy Roman Empire and various kingdoms across the continent. The general agreement has been called the Treaty … Continue reading

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Speaker (Pelosi) Amplification

Rachel Maddow had a rather lengthy and in depth interview with House Democratic Majority Leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi during her last program. Maddow asked Representative Pelosi about the changes she’s seen in her 25 year tenure in Congress, … Continue reading

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My kids are sitting in front of the television right now watching the 1969 film “Frost the Snowman” narrated by Jimmy Durante. It’s part of a Christmas DVD box set with “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and others. It’s not a … Continue reading

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Give it a second! IT’S GOING TO SPACE!!”

Comedian Louis CK isn’t for everyone, but I’m a fan and this bit has always made me laugh. For one thing, we’re basically the same age and have seen the same transformations in the world around us. The one part … Continue reading

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