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No really, the map is not the territory, people.

Disputes between nations over territory is nothing new. It’s the stuff of ancient wars, tribal conflicts, and modern diplomatic headaches. Kashmir is a high profile example, as is the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea, to say nothing of Israel/Palestine. Part … Continue reading

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Bullshit and the Art of Crap Detection (Neil Postman)

This has been posted elsewhere in the Internet wilderness, but I think it’s substantially more important than most of the other bullshit out there that I’m reproducing it in full, rather than simply linking to it. Enjoy. “Bullshit and the … Continue reading

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40% Ethanol, 60% Water, 100% Irony

“Advertising is an environmental striptease for a world of abundance.” -Marshall McLuhan McLuhan’s earliest book publication was The Mechanical Bride, which was the culmination of years of collection and note-taking on print ads. He’d torn out or clipped ads from … Continue reading

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CUNY journalism prof and author of “What would Google Do,” Jeff Jarvis, has become quite the maestro of Twitter hashtags. During the peak of the Washington “debt-crisis” debacle he tweaked the discourse with the trending hashtag #fuckyouwashington and has struck … Continue reading

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Google: The Internet’s Cheshire Cat

Lewis Carroll anticipates the Internet and Google…or at least one might play a McLuhanesque game based on the premise. The Matrix certainly makes the explicit link between Through the Looking Glass and the virtual world, but why stop there? The … Continue reading

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Neil Postman – ‘The TV Guy’

Let me be blunt. Neil Postman is the reason I chose the path I’ve taken in my post-20s life. Period. At a point in my life when I was most deeply questioning my career in marketing and promotions, when I … Continue reading

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The Music of the New (Fuller) Life

[A hypertext-enhanced post based on a paper I wrote a short while back] Buckminster Fuller was known especially for his viewpoint of the human condition, rooted in the sustainable and ecological, and certainly alternative to the more linear mode of … Continue reading

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