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Speaker (Pelosi) Amplification

Rachel Maddow had a rather lengthy and in depth interview with House Democratic Majority Leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi during her last program. Maddow asked Representative Pelosi about the changes she’s seen in her 25 year tenure in Congress, … Continue reading

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Give it a second! IT’S GOING TO SPACE!!”

Comedian Louis CK isn’t for everyone, but I’m a fan and this bit has always made me laugh. For one thing, we’re basically the same age and have seen the same transformations in the world around us. The one part … Continue reading

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Re-Markable Brussels

A transcript of my remarks at the McLuhan Centennial Conference in Brussels, based on my paper Total Involvement: Channeling Education through McLuhan: Good afternoon. I’m very pleased and honored to be here with you all to celebrate and pay respect … Continue reading

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Dunkers do nots

Some time ago, probably a year or more before this blog post, I was inclined to remember an anecdote about a religious sect who had sworn off publication of their ideas for fear of being entrapped by them. At the … Continue reading

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Village of the Watermills: Kurosawa’s Media Ecology

Akira Kurosawa is one of the most celebrated film directors of the 20th century, mainly for his ability to translate Japanese sensibilities to the international language of the medium. In Japan, there has always been a mix of celebration and … Continue reading

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Little Black Lines in the Sky

Most of us living in industrial countries of the developed world have long since lost sight of the great transformation of our environments from the agrarian to the mechanical to the electrical. The McLuhan quote at the top of this … Continue reading

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