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Didn’t See That Coming – Ichiro Edition

Over the last several years, my fascination with social media, including most of my foray into blogging and tweeting, has been related to the sports world and the notion of fandom in that sense. A lot of the lessons I’ve … Continue reading

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Speaker (Pelosi) Amplification

Rachel Maddow had a rather lengthy and in depth interview with House Democratic Majority Leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi during her last program. Maddow asked Representative Pelosi about the changes she’s seen in her 25 year tenure in Congress, … Continue reading

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Tumblr’s Mental Gymnastics

I’ve been doing most of my “posting” recently via a new Tumblr account I started as a short experiment to see what the fuss was all about. It came to my attention that there’s an ongoing debate about the superiority … Continue reading

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40% Ethanol, 60% Water, 100% Irony

“Advertising is an environmental striptease for a world of abundance.” -Marshall McLuhan McLuhan’s earliest book publication was The Mechanical Bride, which was the culmination of years of collection and note-taking on print ads. He’d torn out or clipped ads from … Continue reading

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