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Re-Markable Brussels

A transcript of my remarks at the McLuhan Centennial Conference in Brussels, based on my paper Total Involvement: Channeling Education through McLuhan: Good afternoon. I’m very pleased and honored to be here with you all to celebrate and pay respect … Continue reading

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Ouch! My Acoustic Space Hurts!

As I sit in my hotel room in Brussels, slightly jet-lagged and counting the hours until I present my paper Total Involvement: Channeling Education through McLuhan at the McLuhan’s Philosophy of Media Centennial Conference (hosted by the Free University of … Continue reading

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Welcome MEA Voters!

Hello to the membership of the Media Ecology Association. You may be finding this blog via my candidate profile at the MEA website and, if so, thank you for following the URL. I hope you will take a moment or … Continue reading

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Tumblr’s Mental Gymnastics

I’ve been doing most of my “posting” recently via a new Tumblr account I started as a short experiment to see what the fuss was all about. It came to my attention that there’s an ongoing debate about the superiority … Continue reading

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Technics and #Occupations

I’ve been quite active in my conversation, sharing, and communication about the Occupy Wall Street movement and its counterparts around the world. As yet, I haven’t really given attention to them here, although I’ve wanted to. It was a difficult … Continue reading

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A Change Gonna Come

With apologies to Sam Cooke and the haunting song he wrote about the struggle for civil rights, a change gonna come. Let’s start with a video that’s gone viral in the last day or so (another sign that the change … Continue reading

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The ABCs according to Google

According to Google… A is for Amazon B is for Best Buy C is for Craigslist D is for Dictionary E is for Ebay F is for Facebook G is for Google H is for Hotmail I is for Ikea … Continue reading

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