Hair, Glorious Hair

Came across this ad in a newspaper last week and thought it was great for a number of reasons:

Hair, Glorious Hair

You don’t need to understand the Japanese in order to appreciate the message, so I’m not even going to deal with it. It’s familiar enough to anyone in the modern, industrial, mass media world that verbal language is less important than the imagistic language. Balding guy in college surviving on ramen noodles can’t escape the predicament of male pattern baldness. Not on the soccer field or when consulting about the weather. Every day is a sink and brush full of hair disaster. Consulting with the young, pretty clinician a miracle is born and everyone sees how much confidence a full head of hair and a suit can bring to a person. Another success story!

The last panel is the clincher for me. The well-groomed, fully-coiffed young man in a suit, sparkling and brimming with confidence, is off to conquer the world. The hair plugs like antennae for love, lust, admiration, and respect generate pride.

“The user is always the content of any medium.” – Marshall McLuhan

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