Tumblr’s Mental Gymnastics

I’ve been doing most of my “posting” recently via a new Tumblr account I started as a short experiment to see what the fuss was all about. It came to my attention that there’s an ongoing debate about the superiority of Tumblr vs. WordPress and I suppose I ought to include Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the “social media” menagerie as well.

I’m really enjoying Tumblr, actually. WordPress and Blogger have been excellent outlets for my brief writing over the last 8 years or so, and I think they suit semi-long form work nicely. I liken the blogging platform to an electronic scroll.

Twitter, as I once described to Lance Strate, is a bit like writing out a bunch of Post-It notes and sticking them all over people as you run by. It’s perfect as a form of electronic conversation in limited and direct communication. It’s a sharing platform. I’m fairly certain that one of the major themes in Paul Levinson‘s upcoming keynotes at the McLuhan Centennial Conference in Brussels will be the Twitter/McLuhan connection, where aphorism and probe meet their medium.

My Tumblr experience has been McLuhanesque in the sense that it is ideally used as a kind of electronic The Medium is the Massage, a book that incorporated iconic photographic forms and was art directed by Quentin Fiore and produced by Jerome Agel. It’s a project that moves book from the linear, fixed perspective of typography into a multi-media, sensory experience of text/image juxtaposition. Tumblr is also ideal as a juxtaposition of image (and video) and text with the additional factor of hyperlink and follow-ability. The dynamic and connected electronic quality seems to transport the notion of The Medium is the Massage into the Internet Age. Anyway, that’s how I’m using it. Give it a look.


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2 Responses to Tumblr’s Mental Gymnastics

  1. bfadds says:

    No link to the Tumblr account, Mike? Let me know your handle and I’ll follow you.

  2. bfadds says:

    Sorry, I was navigating this on my iPhone. I guess I’ll blame that for my blatant idiocy in the previous comment, lol. Thanks, Mike.

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