The ABCs according to Google

According to Google…

A is for Amazon

B is for Best Buy

C is for Craigslist

D is for Dictionary

E is for Ebay

F is for Facebook

G is for Google

H is for Hotmail

I is for Ikea

J is for Jet Blue

K is for Kohls

L is for Lowes

M is for Mapquest

N is for Netflix

O is for Orbitz

P is for Pandora

Q is for QVC

R is for Redbox

S is for Skype

T is for Target

U is for USPS

V is for Verizon

W is for Weather

X is for Xbox

Y is for YouTube

and Z is for Zillow

When you type a single letter into the Google search bar featured in most web browsers, the autocomplete produced these results (at least on my computer via Google English). I don’t know whether any of the companies associated with those search results paid to have their brands associated with the single letter entry, if they’re simply the result of the most frequently searched words associated with each letter, or if there’s some other more complicated protocol involved. I would assume that Mohammed or Muhammed would come up in the Top Ten searches associated with the letter M, but the Top Ten on my computer are: mapquest, maps, msn, macys, myspace, michaels, minecraft, msnbc, miniclip, and mtv.

Likewise, I would assume that Xinhua would be on the list of Xs as China’s official news agency, but it’s not there. Xanax is though. Typing in ‘bar’ yields barnes and noble, bart, barbie, and barbie games before listing barack obama, although I’m not sure Barnes and Noble, BART, or Barbie are having better years than Barack Obama. Maybe Barbie. I haven’t heard anything about her Malibu home being foreclosed upon. That’s good news.

Play the game for yourself. I wonder what you come up with. It’s certainly an eye opener in terms of our new spelling protocols. How soon before the colorful charts that used to feature animals, hung over chalkboards in schools everywhere, are replaced by iPads with Google-sponsored letter associations? It’s bound to be someone’s cockamamy solution to our public school problems.

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